Shopping online is all about convenience and having fun. Here’s how to shop safely and wisely:

Safety first

Online shopping: The 21 rules of acquisition
Follow these rules so your online shopping experience will be safe and fruitful.

It’s dangerous out there
How to spot online scams

How safe is online shopping?
Credit card fraud and identity theft are the biggest risks.

Spending your money

Confessions of an online shopper
Buy clothes without ever having tried them on? That, and more…

Virtually Vegas
Internet casinos can bring the thrill of real-stakes gambling into your home. But how does this simulated Sin City stack up against the real thing?

Foreign exchange rates
Buying online from the U.S. or overseas? Find out what you’ll really be paying.

Shopping the eBay way

Invasion of the eBaysians
They look like us. They talk like us. But 19 million people are now leading a double life. Their secret? They’re online auction addicts.

How to get the cheapest price on eBay
There are ways to help ensure you get the lowest price possible.

Better than eBay
Just like the famous auction site, newsgroups let you sell stuff online — minus the hassles and high costs