Big purchase or small, let MoneySense help you make the best buying decision.

Buying a home

Buying your first house
Are you ready? Here’s what you need to know.

Buying a condominium
Explore a lifestyle that offers simplicity and affordability.

Buying a cottage
Learn about buying a second home in cottage country.

Cabin fever
How does an ordinary Canadian afford a dream retreat? By going a little farther and doing a little bit more.

Buying a car

Car buying tips
Buying the right car at a fair price can be difficult, but there are some precautions you can take to help make the experience a little easier.

Buying a used car?
With some research and a little know-how, you may find the car of your dreams from a used car-dealer or the classifieds, with all the bells and whistles, at an affordable price.

Get a grip
Choosing the right set of tires can save your wallet and your life.

Where am I?
A global positioning system ensures you will never be lost again.

Moving pictures
Top-of-the-line vehicular entertainment systems let techno-savvy kids, and their parents, enjoy everything from watching Shrek to playing video games. Want a piece of the action?

Outfitting your home

Weapons of mass entertainment
Shopping for a new television can be a battle. Let us show you the road to victory.

Dirty Laundry
Everything comes out in the wash — or it should, if you’ve got the right equipment. Here’s how to buy the best washer and dryer for your money.

Sleep on it
How can you tell if you’re buying the right mattress? Start by taking it for a test-snooze.

The sofa bed challenge
Farewell to lumpy mattresses and finger-chopping foldouts. We found some convertible couches that really work.

Pram session
Let’s have a grown-up chat about what goes into a good-quality stroller.

Kitchen confidential
Stoves are no longer just heating elements. They’re fashion statements and high-tech marvels.

Log on
It may not save you money, but a woodstove can warm your heart as well as your hearth.

Now you’re cooking
Burning for a new barbecue? Here’s all the information you’ll need to find the grill of your dreams.

Fantastic voyage
I thought shopping for a hot tub would be simple. Silly me.

Tight as a drum
High-tech windows can protect your home from the elements and chop your heating bill in half.

To boldly mow
For even the most fanatic homeowner, lawn mowing tops the list of onerous chores. It’s a job that is never complete, a chore to be revisited week after week after week. Yes, it’s time to cut the grass — yet again.

Get the drift
Manual, chemical or mechanical? MoneySense helps you decide what kind of snow remover you need to make it through winter.


Pay per view
Thinking about going to a private clinic and paying for your own MRI or CT scan? We’ll show you how to get the best medical scan for your money.

Let’s make a deal
Does the thought of haggling make you queasy? You’re not alone. But these tips from Canada’s top deal makers can give you the upper hand.

It’s a bazaar world
Haggling in Moroccan markets taught us an important lesson: everything is negotiable.

Music lessons
If you thought learning an instrument was tough, just try shopping for one. Whether it’s the piano or percussion, sax or strings, here’s how to buy the best for your budget.

Bug off!
Canada’s top insect-repellent tester shares his secrets to bite-free backyard living.

Buying a best friend
A dog isn’t a household appliance; it’s part of your family.

Perfect pitch
A veteran camper reveals his secrets for finding the ideal tent.

Santa’s frugal helper
Your inside guide to the toys kids never get tired of.

Personal trainer in a box
Can’t afford your own drill sergeant? Here are some cheaper alternatives to keep your fitness regimen on track.

Ice and easy
Facing another bleak winter? Spice things up with a backyard skating rink.

Shortcut sommelier
Wine experts spend years studying oenology. You can become adept in mere minutes.