Lunchbox Challenge Video: An egg salad sandwich

Not like mom’s.

Here at Canadian Business, we’ve issued a Lunchbox Challenge.

We’ve identified 12 lunches that—while perfectly acceptable options—fail to get our hearts racing as diners. So we’re asking our favourite Canadian chefs to reimagine those menu items into the sorts of lunches we’d walk the extra block to get.

But there’s a catch. Once a chef has selected a dish from our menu, we cross it off. The last chef, you see, has to make what we want, whether they like it or not.

Last time, we saw Derek Dammann of Montreal’s Maison Publique makes us a better Reuben.

This issue we see Hamid Salimian of Diva of Metropolitan Hotel restaurant in Vancouver make a fancy egg salad sandwich. Check out the results.

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