Why Your Employees Don't Trust You

Hint: It has to do with feeling in control of their job

Written by Sarah.Niedoba

Ever worried your employees don’t trust you with their fiscal security? Your fears might be founded—a recent RBC Small Business study found that 72% of Canadians surveyed believed that working for themselves was less risky than working for someone else.

While these results could show an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship amongst Canadians, TKTK TKTK admits there are take aways for employers looking to focus on employee engagement and retention. “What we’re finding is lifestyle is trumping money and status as a motivator,” says TKTK. “92% of people surveyed felt it was very important to have control over their career.”

Another 92% said they would consider starting their own business chiefly to have control over their career. TKTK says agency is a big factor when it comes to employee engagement. “What is behind people saying they want to be their own boss is a flexible schedule and being able to control their own shots.” TKTK says that when it comes to employee retention, employers should be thinking about these key factors, and what steps they can take to make their employees feel like they have control over their career path.

Other factors to consider? “Values and what they consider to be important is also critical,” cautions TKTK. 


Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com