Why Less is More When It Comes to Office Space

Telus's new headquarters are designed to maximize workplace flexibility. A look inside with chief communications and sustainability officer Andrea Goertz

Written by Murad Hemmadi

Lots of companies talk about redefining the workplace. Telus Corp. is the rare employer that has actually done it. Andrea Goertz, chief communications and sustainability officer, spear-headed the firm’s Work Styles initiative—which culminated in the opening of its new $750-million head office, Telus Garden, in Vancouver this September.

By the end of this year, Telus hopes 70% of its 43,000 employees will work from home or the road with the help of shared workspaces. “It wasn’t an easy transition,” Goertz says. The company had to change how teams function and how employee performance is measured. But the results are in on at least one front: “We’ve saved more than a million square feet in space across Canada.” Goertz gave us a tour of Telus Garden.

(Photos by Lucas Findley)

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Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com