What the next Canadian government can do to support business

We’re asking leaders to name one policy measure that would give Canada’s business community a real boost

With Canada’s 2015 federal election underway, we’re asking Canada’s business leaders for one policy measure that the next government—whichever party (or parties) may lead it—could implement to boost business in this country.

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Kirstene Stewart quote: “I'd like to see some concrete goals put in place to improve diversity on corporate boards. If our businesses are to lead the world in innovation, we need bold new thinking from the top.”

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Razor Suleman: “Remember when we had those heritage minutes about Wayne Gretzky, or how Canada invented basketball? Bring those back, but feature the prominent entrepreneurs who have changed Canada, and the world.”

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Nymi founder Karl Martin: “As an entrepreneur, I don't look for the government to do anything special. I want them to realize that businesses do certain things better and government does certain things better. And they don't overlap that much.”

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Ryan Holmes on what the next Canadian government should do to boost Canadian business: “We’re challenged with a growing shortage of high paid hardware and software engineers. Better aligned immigration policies is one way to tackle this issue. But more importantly, we need to train and educate.”

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Tony Lacavera on what the next Canadian government should do to boost Canadian business: “If government really wants to boost innovation and competitiveness, it must dramatically reduce subsidies for industries that are mature or no longer competitive, and instead invest more in early-stage ventures.”

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Jennifer Reynolds, CEO, Women in Capital Markets: “The topic of women in leadership roles in our economy has been largely absent from the election dialogue. The government needs to set clear policy objectives and targets to ensure we see women in leadership roles.”

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John Risley on what the next Canadian government should do to boost Canadian business: “Very easy: open up our archaic immigration policies to qualified, educated people whom Canadian employers want to bring into the country, with their families.”

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