What it costs: The price of safety

Written by Deena Waisberg

It’s sad but true: the world is becoming a more dangerous place. What’s the cost of protecting you and your company? PROFIT locked down prices for a range of security products:

Executive Protection Specialist (aka bodyguard) One primary protector (i.e., the muscle) and one logistics specialist who handles planning and backup duties: $125 to $175/hr; more for high-risk and foreign jobs. International Protective Group, ipg-protect.com

Bulletproof vest The concealable Maverick G-45-2 protects against 9-mm and .357-calibre handguns: US$475. Atlantic Body Armor, atlanticbodyarmor.com

Armored car Full armoring of a 2003 Ford Explorer, which will stop bullets from an AK-47 assault rifle: $250,000 to $275,000 (excluding price of SUV). Or rent one for $550 a day. International Protective Group, ipg-protect.com

Security guard with dog Prices start at $18 €“ $19/hr for low-risk situations, such as patrolling a field, but rises as the threat from vandals, muggers and their ilk increases (to wit: shopping-mall parking lots). Llewellyn Security, llewellynsecurity.com

Biometric hand reader Lets people’s hands double as their security passes: $2,586 with software. International Biometric Solutions, biometricsolutions.ca

Fog machine Releases 60,000 cubic feet of fog per minute when a security alarm is triggered, reducing a thief’s visibility to two inches in a 5,000-sq.-ft. area: $5,000. Fog Security Systems, fogsecuritysystems.com

© 2003 Deena Waisberg

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com