What Employees Want

An entrepreneur’s guide to finding—and keeping—the great people your business needs to succeed

Written by Murad Hemmadi

You’re only as good as your people. It’s an adage you’ll frequently read in business books and hear repeated at industry events. But finding and keeping top talent is no easy task—every company wants the best employees.

We asked experts and entrepreneurs for their hiring and retention top tips and strategies. Here’s what they had to stay.

How to Make Employees Care About Their Work
When staff understand and believe in the purpose of your business, job satisfaction and productivity soar. What one PROFIT 500 company does to forge the connection

7 Signs Your Staff Are Eyeing the Exit
It’s rare for someone to up and quit without any warning. Watch for these indicators that your star worker is about to jump ship

5 Ways to Win Top Talent Without Huge Salaries
Can’t match the wages offered by your giant rivals? No matter! A bit of creativity and flexibility can attract the best and brightest

How Much Should You Be Spending on Employee Benefits?
Providing coverage for workers can be a huge cost for small businesses. Advice from an HR pro

5 Proven Employee Perks You Should Copy
Forget catered lunches and office pets. While your employees can’t hold these incentives in their hands, they’re sure to love them

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