Tips from Rework

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Many people get off on creating unnecessarily complicated solutions to problems, write Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. In Rework, the creators of Basecamp, the wildly popular project- management software, advocate a philosophy of ہ”Good enough is fine€.

Forget the oohs and aahs

Most problems can be solved with simple, mundane solutions. That means thereۉ€ž¢s no glamorous work to let you show off your amazing skills. Too bad. Just build something that gets the job done and move on.

Find a ہ”judo€ solution

Whenever you face an obstacle, look for a way to solve it that gets the most out of doing the least. If your challenge is to get a birdۉ€ž¢s-eye view, you could get ambitious and climb Mount Everest. Or you could simply take an elevator to the top of a tall building.

Donۉ€ž¢t use resources you donۉ€ž¢t have to

If good enough gets the job done, go for it. Thatۉ€ž¢s far superior to wasting resources or, even worse, doing nothing because you canۉ€ž¢t afford the complex solution.

Heaven can wait

You can usually turn good enough into great later.

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