The Job-Hunter's New Territory

A new study shows which technologies and sites have the biggest pools of potential employees. Are you ready to reach them?

Written by Deborah Aarts

It’s no secret that today’s job hunters are more tech-savvy than ever. But which of the bevy of digital tools at their disposal are they finding most useful?

A new survey sheds some light. Right Management, the Philadelphia-based HR-focused wing of ManpowerGroup, recently polled job-seekers and recruiters across North America to get a sense of technology’s role in the job hunt.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, social media plays a huge role in how people look for employment. A full 94% of job-hunters consider LinkedIn to be the best social media site for the job search. And more are fond of using Google+ than are of Twitter.

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How else are job-hunters using tech? Here are some highlights:

  • 22% of respondents use smartphone job apps to seek open positions.
  • 18% have participated in a video interview, most commonly via Skype; that’s twice the amount as had done so a year ago.
  • Only a very small number—3%—have participated in pre-recorded job interviews, which Right Management considers to be an “emerging” job-search tool.
  • 62% of job-seekers use a smartphone (up from 43% last year); only 34% have a landline (down from 40% in 2012).

Recruiter trends

On the recruiting side, survey participants are no luddites. Social media is hugely popular; nearly three-quarters of respondents consider it to be the top method of sourcing job candidates today. Again, LinkedIn is the most popular site, followed by Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. How are they using these platforms? Fully half of all recruiters use social media sites to post jobs. And considerably more—76%—search social media sites to find candidates who may or may not be looking.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents consider social media to be the top method of sourcing job candidates today.

The second most popular means of reaching candidates is generalist job boards (with 65% of respondents using them), followed by posts on corporate websites.

Video is becoming much more popular among recruiters. Only 19% of recruiters hold video interviews currently, but more than two-thirds expect these to become common in the next three years. And nearly half of recruiters—45%—expect video resumes to become common in the same time frame.

“The increased use of technology, especially advances in social-media related technologies, has been relentless, ” says Monika Morrow, senior vice-president of career management at Right Management. “Social media, for one thing, helps individuals reach out and build their job search network. They can find people in targeted companies and connect with those who can help.”

Yet as popular as technology is, Morrow points out that it won’t be replacing the human connection any time soon. “On the contrary, success almost always comes down to the candidate making a personal connection with a person or persons on the hiring side,” she says. “The technology, now so integral to the job search, is just a tool, not by itself a solution.”

More than 300 prospective employees and more than 100 hiring managers, recruiters and HR executives took part in the survey.

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What to you do to appeal to prime job-hunters? Do you think technology will ever replace old-fashioned face-to-face networking in the recruitment process? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com