The greatest job in the world

Written by Ian Portsmouth

The first time you ever thought about what you wanted to be when you grew up, chances are you limited your options to some of the coolest professions around — ones such as astronaut, firefighter and movie star. As you aged and discovered more occupations, you may have added doctor, oceanographer and architect to the list. How naive.

It’s not that those aren’t important and rewarding lines of work. Rather, taking on the world’s greatest job probably didn’t come to mind until you were a grown adult — and maybe not until you were actually doing it. I’m talking about the profession you’re in right now: entrepreneur.

Arguably, there is no job more valuable, intriguing and enriching than building your own business. Just think of the benefits that entrepreneurship offers. First, there are the personal perks. Autonomy is a big one: you get to set your own hours, choose the people you work with and control the projects and products you work on — at least, as much as your financiers and the marketplace will let you. There’s also the unparalleled opportunity to generate personal wealth — loads of it. And every day presents the possibility of a hair-raising, spine-tingling adventure.

But don’t forget the benefits that accrue to the people your business touches. Entrepreneurs create products that improve the lives of their customers, if not change the world. You give people income, meaningful work and the chance to develop themselves professionally and personally. And you can use your corporate resources — financial, human or otherwise — to support worthwhile causes.

Since its launch almost 25 years ago, PROFIT has been Canada’s best publication at delivering insights and information you can use to grow your business. And PROFIT has always shown the highest possible respect for the aspirations and contributions of entrepreneurs like you. But we wanted to reflect those things more vibrantly in our pages. That’s why we spent a good part of 2006 re-engineering this magazine.

Leaf through this issue, and you’ll immediately notice a bolder look that embodies the energy and enthusiasm you exude every day. You’ll also find new content that dovetails with your passions, curiosities and ambitions. For instance, “Startup Scan” allows you not only to discover intriguing new companies, but also to exercise your business acumen by judging their strengths, weaknesses and prospects. In “Ask the Legends,” PROFIT readers guide a Q&A with the biggest names in Canadian business. There’s much more, including, of course, timely and engaging stories that can strengthen your business and your management skills.

The editors of PROFIT believe those are the things that belong in a great business magazine. The world’s greatest profession deserves nothing less.

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com