Tangerine Bank CEO Peter Aceto on leading with authenticity

“As a leader I’ve found the power in being yourself and allowing your feelings in the workplace”

In his recent feature interview with Canadian Business, Tangerine Bank CEO Peter Aceto talked about the moment in his career when he decided he had to take a different approach to leadership:

I think the most important thing was some advice I received about authenticity. I was a lawyer before joining ING Direct, as Tangerine was called then, and when I started my new job at the bank, I was trying to be something I thought I was supposed to be. I thought there was a way to behave, a way to dress, a way to talk. And someone in my life who knew me very well sat me down and said, “Peter, I know what you’re like, I know what you love, and you’re being someone else at work. If you were true to yourself, people would enjoy working with you even more.”

In this video, he talks some more about why it’s important to bring your whole humanity to work as a leader, including your emotions, and how he tries to dig beneath the surface in job interviews.