Should You Scrap the Holiday Party?

A new survey suggests only about half of employees will enjoy it

Written by Melissa Campeau

Before you go to great lengths and even greater expense planning your company’s holiday party, consider this: A new survey suggests nearly half of those asked are unlikely to enjoy it.

The survey, by staffing service OfficeTeam, conducted interviews with 342 senior managers at Canadian companies. When supervisors were asked whether their company was holding a holiday party this year, 77% said yes. For the most part, though, they’re not excited about it. When asked, “Do you enjoy your company’s holiday party?” 45% said no.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should trash every plan for the festive season, however. There’s still merit to a well-thought-out holiday party, says Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam. “Year-end get-togethers that celebrate the team’s successes can build camaraderie and help start the new year on a positive note, says Hosking. They key, it would seem, is to throw a party more than 55% of team members will enjoy.

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“Involving employees in the planning process is a great way to generate enthusiasm for an event,” notes Hosking. This might involve asking employees for input on a theme, activity or location, or getting them involved in organizing and promoting the event. OfficeTeam also notes casual events such as a potluck dinner, an in-house catered meal or a lunchtime get-together at an informal restaurant, tend to be easier to manage, less expensive and more crowd-pleasing.

Taking the group out for a pressure-free activity, along the lines of bowling or even volunteering at a local charity, can add some levity and give employees a rare chance to mingle and relax outside of the office too.

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Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com