Reap Rewards of In-Office Pets Without The Mess

Study finds workers are more productive when Fido joins them at work, but for most customer-facing businesses that's just not an option. One Ottawa-based company has a solution

Written by Kim Hart Macneill

Your employees might work harder or call in sick less often if they could bring their pets to the office every day. A preliminary study published earlier this year in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management found that employees who took their dogs to work had lower stress levels than those who either left their pets at home or didn’t have pets. But for most employers, the twin distractions of noise and pet maintenance are just too much for any office or customer-facing business to handle.

To reap the rewards without the hassle, Ottawa-based small business the World Wide Natural Company has a solution.

The company is the exclusive distributor and manufacturer of the NASA-designed EcoSphere. The round and tear-drop shaped orbs are filled with seawater to house micro-organisms, algae and shrimp for up to five years, without feeding or cleaning.

“When you’re stressed, you can take a moment to be introspective and enjoy the beauty of having nature on your desk,” says the company’s senior sales and marketing manager David Fine.

The EcoSphere is available in a range of sizes, from the cubicle-suitable, 5.25-inch sphere for $79, up to the bowling ball sized sphere for $490.

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com