Quiz: Beat the clock

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Using your time efficiently is one of the biggest contributors to business success. Take this true/false test to see whether you’re getting the most out of your greatest resource.

01 I have logged my activities over a week to spot low-value tasks I should cease or delegate. T F
02 I start meetings on time, never waiting for latecomers or recapping what they missed. T F
03 I block out time for my top priority and fit everything else around it. T F
04 I avoid becoming so booked up that I can’t deal with interruptions and emergencies. T F
05 I check and respond to e-mail messages only at a few scheduled times each day. T F
06 I turn down invitations to non-essential meetings or events that won’t add value. T F
07 I schedule my highest-priority tasks for times when my energy levels are highest. T F
08 I keep a “don’t do” list to remind myself of tasks I should delegate — or no one should do. T F
09 I meet weekly one-on-one with direct reports so they don’t have to interrupt me as often. T F
10 I periodically review whether I’m focusing my time on my top business goals. T F
SCORECARD: The more “true” answers, the more productive hours you’ll get out of your business day.
Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com