Pop Quiz: Would you like a hire IQ?

Written by Greg Fjetland

Interviewing is a critical management skill. But many bosses would admit they’re no good at it. Test your own interviewing quotient with this true/false quiz.

Answer true or false to the following statements.

When hiring, I…

1. Prepare a standardized list of questions designed to illuminate the candidate’s experiences, attitudes and abilities.

2. Schedule plenty of time with each candidate to allow for a relaxed, unhurried interview.

3. Ensure the candidate is at ease (e.g., by taking his coat or offering him a beverage) to help me see his true self.

4. Ask open-ended questions such as “What contributions can you make to this company?”

5. Ask situational questions such as “Can you tell me about a time when you demonstrated exceptional customer service?”

6. Determine the candidate’s values and moral compass with exploratory questions, such as “Who’s your hero, and why?”

7. Allow the candidate to respond without interruption and then pause to encourage further unrehearsed and potentially revealing comments.

8. Invite current employees to attend later stages of the interview process.

9. Call references with a prepared set of questions and record their responses.


Give yourself one point for each “true” response. The higher you score, the more likely you are to hire the right people for your company.

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com