Pop quiz: How good are you?

Written by ProfitGuide

You’d never bilk shareholders for billions of dollars, even if you could. But that doesn’t mean you’ve realized your full potential as a socially responsible business owner. Take this test for an indication of how “good” you are — and for 10 ideas for putting ethics into action:

1. You respond to customer complaints in a timely manner. True/False

2. Each of your employees receives an annual performance review. T/F

3. Staff share in your success through initiatives such as profit-sharing and share-ownership plans. T/F

4. Suppliers are paid fairly and promptly. T/F

5. You donate at least 1% of pre-tax profits (cash, goods or volunteer time) to charity. T/F

6. You comply with all environmental laws and regulations. T/F

7. You implement financial policies and controls that help ensure your fiscal responsibility and long-term viability. T/F

8. Your business mission includes non-financial objectives. T/F

9. You prefer suppliers with sound environmental practices. T/F

10. You practise open-book management. T/F


(Take one point for each “true” response.)

0 to 4: What would your mother say? You’re missing the basics.

5 to 7: Good work. You’re taking big strides toward doing business better.

8 to 10: Great job. Mom would be proud.

Adapted from the Good Company Guidelines for Corporate Social Performance, published by Canadian Business for Social Responsibility. Download an abridged copy of the guidelines at cbsr.ca.

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com