Poll: Will You Shut Down for the Holidays?

Entrepreneurs aren't known for their ability to take time off. But their employees might like to! What will your policy be this December?

Written by Mira Shenker

It may only be November, but over 40% of consumers have already started their holiday shopping, getting ready to swap gifts this December. You can bet that at least that many people are already planning which days they’ll need to take off for the holidays. Stat days are a given, but have you thought about which other days your employees will be allowed to take off?

Encouraging employees to take time off is key to maintaining a healthy workforce, says Frances Mote, principal of Niagara Street Consulting, a Toronto-based boutique HR firm. “This is our time to rest, recharge and reconnect with people and things in our lives that are important to us. We may control so little of what happens in our working life that it becomes more important to control our time off.”

But it’s easier said than done, especially at a smaller company, where a lean staff means employee’s absence is keenly felt.

And, even if employees take that week off in December, they may not truly see it as a vacation. A survey conducted last December found that, while 41% of respondents take extra time off during the holidays, 25% of them expect to work during their vacation time and 13% say they may do the same.

Will you close your office over the December holidays and let your staff take that week off? Answer our poll (and see the results) and leave your comments below.

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com