Peer-to-Peer: Can anyone recommend practical, cost-effective ways to obtain new hardware?

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“We’ve been holding off on purchasing new computer equipment for a few years now, but the time is upon us. Still, we don’t want to empty the bank. Can anyone offer up practical, cost-effective, alternative ways to get new equipment?”

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Reader responses

Louise Diduch:

I have found that leasing is a good alternative. I have been dealing with National Leasing and they are very reliable and quick. Here is my contact’s email: Candice_Dowhaniuk@nlgroup.ca

Sabine Schleese, Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd.:

Try leasing. We do for some of our hardware needs.

Timothy Pompeo, Infinity Corporate Capital:

I am responding to one of your reader’s questions about alternative financing for computer equipment.

The name of our company is INFINITY CORPORATE CAPITAL and we specialize in alternative financing for companies. We provide innovative financing solutions for businesses that are in expansion mode or upgrading to new equipment. Our services include Asset Based Financing, Equipment Leasing, Factoring, Purchase Order Financing, Sales — Leasebacks and Small Business Loans.

The best way this company can upgrade their computer equipment without emptying the bank would be an equipment lease.

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