If a Company Isn’t Growing, Is It Dying?

Entrepreneurs at last November’s W100 Idea Exchange answer this question. Plus: Are entrepreneurs control freaks? And do women have a different leadership style than men?

Written by Mira Shenker

“There’s this greedy part of me that thinks, ‘I’m not successful because I don’t have a jet’ and that is insane, but it’s a truthful 3 a.m. thought. ‘I have to do more; I have be bigger; I have to be better.’”

That was Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur, Kelsey Ramsden, opening the day-long W100 Idea Exchange last November in Toronto. The hyper-organized mom of three and owner of multiple businesses told an audience of female entrepreneurs that work/life balance is a “sham.”

So, we asked some of the female entrepreneurs in attendance: Do you constantly strive for growth, or are you content to let your business coast in favour of more personal time? Corrine Sandler (Fresh Intelligence Research Corp.) said, “Complacency breeds failure.” No. 39 on the 2013 W100, Sandler said she’s constantly striving for more growth.  “I’m not looking for more of the work/life balance,” asserted Sandler. “I’m looking for more of the work.”

“If a company isn’t growing, it’s probably dying,” said Accent Inns’ Mandy Farmer, No. 51 on the 2013 W100.

Watch more video commentary to find out what the W100 Idea Exchange attendees and speakers think about women as business leaders and entrepreneurs as control freaks. Then, leave your comments below.

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com