How to Become the Ultimate Leader

The top skills every manager needs now


Canada women’s soccer team captain Christine Sinclair

Christine Sinclair on how to motivate a team under pressure

Canada women’s national soccer team captain Christine Sinclair explains how to motivate a team to peak performance in tough conditions

How to solve any problem fast

Google Ventures design partner Jake Knapp explains how to break problems into manageable chunks so you can power through to a solution

Arianna Huffington on how to sleep like a boss

It took a dangerous brush with extreme fatigue to turn the Huffington Post founder into a sleep evangelist. Now her new startup will take her message global

How to hire your own replacement

Fresh Intelligence founder Corrine Sandler was itching to start a new business. Here’s how she found someone she trusted to take over

How to make tough decisions under pressure

Former Canadian Football League referee Glen Johnson says the key to making the right call is to get everyone on board and communicate clearly

How to keep going in the face of a setback

The MacArthur “genius grant” recipient and author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverence says that bouncing back after a failure is a matter of perspective

Metric’s Emily Haines on how to collaborate creatively

“It’s a bit of a danger to spend too long in deep introspection. It’s important to come up for air and to bring the songs to my band.”

How to be taken seriously by a potential client

Having co-founded his digital ad agency at age 17, Christian Lunny is used to skeptical clients. Here’s how he persuades them to see past his age

How to master any new skill

Anders Ericsson studied dozens of the world’s top performers, from entrepreneurs to chess grandmasters. Here’s what he learned about learning

How to be an effective listener

As mayor of Calgary it’s Naheed Nenshi’s job to know what’s going on with his constituents. That means a lot of conversations—and a lot of listening

How to stay enthusiastic about your work

Gordon Korman published his first novel at 14 and has written dozens more. Here’s how he keeps the creative flame lit, decade after decade

How to become an early riser

Matt Galloway gets up at 3 A.M. to host CBC’s top-rated Toronto radio morning show. Here’s his routine to ensure he’s bright when it’s early

How to express frustration productively

You can’t afford to let a bad mood ruin your whole staff’s day too. Techify CEO Brendan Howe explains how he channels his grumpiness better

How to be happier at work

Neil Pasricha, author of “The Book of Awesome” and “The Happiness Equation” says the secret is making room for yourself—as little as 20 minutes

How to hire your spouse

Dale Morgan, CEO of ASTOUND Group, hired his then-fiancée to head up the company’s sales team. Here’s how they made it work

How to fire your spouse

Marja Hillis, CEO of Molok North America, decided her husband wasn’t working out in the COO role. Here’s how she broke the news

How to juggle volunteering outside your day job

Lots of us aspire to do community work outside the 9-to-5. Here’s how Canadian Soccer Association president Victor Montagliani makes it work