Hot Hiring Tips from Canada's Fastest-Growing HR Firms

Experts in the recruitment and management of employees share some hard-earned advice on finding the best

Written by PROFIT staff

In Canada, HR has become big business. Today, firms of all sizes call on seasoned recruiting and HR-management firms to help them to hire, retain and manage their workforces. Some HR service providers meet the challenge better than others. You’ll find 27 of the companies who do it best on this ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing HR Firms.

Drawn from the 2014 PROFIT 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, this list celebrates those businesses that have successfully made their marks in this crowded, fast-growing sector. The average HR company on this list grew sales by 522% between 2008 and 2013. The No. 1 firm—London, Ont.’s HR Downloads Inc.—saw revenue soar by 3,371% during that period. In total, they registered nearly $756 million in sales in 2013, or an average of close to $27 million each. And they employed a total of 6,076 people.

It should come as no surprise that these companies are great job creators; together, they added 3,429 people to their own payrolls over the past five years—and that doesn’t factor in the many thousands more they placed on behalf of clients. Who better, then, to offer credible hiring tips? That’s why we asked some of the leaders of this exclusive list to share their best recruiting advice. Read on for more:

The Top 10:

1. HR Downloads Inc.

London, Ont.
Five-year revenue growth: 3,371% (PROFIT 500 rank: 12)
Chief executive(s): Anthony Boyle
Full-time equivalent (FTE) employees: 80
Provides human resources tools and training

Hot hiring tip: “We always post internally first and try to promote from within,” says Boyle. “And we set lofty goals and offer huge incentives. We give away more stuff here than the Price is Right did in the 80s: big-screen TVs, trips and more, even for groups that don’t generate revenue.”

2. People Store Staffing Solutions

Mississauga, Ont.
Five-year revenue growth: 2,137% (PROFIT 500 rank: 29)
Chief executive(s): John Nalli
FTE employees: 33
Provides temporary, contract and permanent staff in the finance, sales, engineering and other industries

Hot hiring tip: “We don’t just offer average or above average compensation,” says Nalli. “We subsidize 100% of health benefits. We contribute up to $1,000 a year per person to personal RRSP programs. We give people flex time, and we subsidize gym memberships. We do these things because we feel it takes more than just saying, ‘hey, come over here, you can earn X amount of money’ to attract good candidates.”

3. Teach Away Inc.

Five-year revenue growth: 1,621% (PROFIT 500 rank: 37)
Chief executive(s): David Frey & Stephen Rene Frey
FTE employees: 34
International teacher-recruitment services

Hot hiring tip: “We do a lot of social hiring,” says David Frey. “People want to know what the company is all about, and they can get an idea based on our social media presence. We’re not a huge brand, but they can feel our personality online. They like what we’re doing, and see it matches what’s happening in our office.”

4. Emergitel Inc.

Richmond Hill, Ont.
Five-year revenue growth: 990% (PROFIT 500 rank: 73)
Chief executive(s): Aneela Zaib
FTE employees: 201
Staffing and recruitment for the IT and telecommunications industries

Hot hiring tip: “It’s become more than matching keywords to a resume,” says Zaib. “As an employer, we have to be constantly evolving in our recruitment techniques. Especially since, in today’s workforce, you can’t manage everyone the same way.”

5. Bluelime Enterprises Inc.

Five-year revenue growth: 946% (PROFIT 500 rank: 78)
Chief executive(s): Sean Dawson
FTE employees: 14
Human resources and recruiting services

Hot hiring tip: “We provide services to clients on diversity training and human capital management,” says Dawson. “We apply the same standards to our own hiring efforts.”

6. Redwood Global Inc.

Five-year revenue growth: 739% (PROFIT 500 rank: 92)
Chief executive(s): Randy Clemens & Ryan Atkinson
FTE employees: 198
Technology staffing services

Hot hiring tip: “We stay aware of our marketplace and what our competitors are paying,” says Clemens. “As a result, we pay people top dollar. We also offer a lot of bonuses and commissions.”

7. CoreTech Staffing Inc.

Five-year revenue growth: 510% (PROFIT 500 rank: 117)
Chief executive(s): Tasso Chondronikolis
FTE employees: 26
Staffing and professional services for the IT industry

Hot hiring tip: “We stress our core values: care, opportunity, reliability and excellence. And we have three clearly identified subtopics under each one of those, so everyone knows what each core value means, rather than it being generic,” explains Chondronikolis. “It shows we have transparency, and people like that. It also helps retains staff because of the culture it creates.”

8. TekStaff IT Solutions Inc.

Richmond Hill, Ont.
Five-year revenue growth: 447% (PROFIT 500 rank: 133)
Chief executive(s): Sandra Persaud & Jeff Majcenic
FTE employees: 302
Staffing services for the financial and utility industries

Hot hiring tip: “Companies today are doing business at twice the speed, and they have a huge demand for quality staff all at once,” explains Majcenic. “It means we have to work harder and smarter than ever before. We rely on every recruiting technique, as well as social media, to find the right people quickly.”

9. People Corp.

Five-year revenue growth: 377% (PROFIT 500 rank: 159)
Chief executive(s): Laurie Goldberg
FTE employees: 208
Provides group benefits, group retirement and human-resource services

Hot hiring tip: “We have a comprehensive program,” says Goldberg. “We offer a wealth creation program, an employee share-ownership plan, a strong benefits program—which is, of course, the business we’re in—and programs tied to individual and corporate performance. And we regularly communicate with our people; we do internal road shows to make people aware of what’s going on and where we’re going. As a result of that we’re able to attract a lot of talent from across Canada. They see that we’re a fast-growing, innovative firm, and they want to be part of it.”

10. Sales Talent Agency Inc.

Five-year revenue growth: 328% (PROFIT 500 rank: 181)
Chief executive(s): Sonya Meloff & Jamie Scarborough
FTE employees: 32
Recruitment services focused on the sales industry

Hot hiring tip: “We recently switched to a team-based quota system for junior talent,” says Meloff. “The whole team is driving for the same goal, under the direction of one sales director. It creates a much more supportive and collaborative environment, and I think that’s important for and attractive to young people as they’re launching their careers, since typically, in a sales organization, people have individual targets.”

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The Next 10:

11. The Job Shoppe Inc.

12. Ward Technology Talent Inc.

13. Ignite Technical Resources Ltd.

14. Organizational Solutions Inc.

15. IQ Partners Inc.

16. ABL Employment Inc.

17. Tundra Technical Solutions Inc.

18. Personnel by Prostaff

19. The Placement Office

20. Bowen Workforce Solutions Inc.


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Other fast-growing HR services firms on the 2014 PROFIT 500:

Benecaid Health Benefits Solutions Inc., GuruLink Inc., LucasWorks Inc., Procom Québec Inc., Proex Inc., SI Systems Partnership and WPCG.

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