Can I Run a Business and Do an MBA at the Same Time?

Peer advice on balancing entrepreneurship and schooling

Written by Staff

The managing director of an Ottawa-based software developer wrote to ask: “I’m thinking about doing an MBA, but that would mean diverting a certain amount of focus away from my small but fast-growing business. Has anyone out there gone through an MBA program while growing a dynamic company? Was it worth it? Does anyone have any advice for me?”

Reader Larry Chrobot had this response:

“You are already going through the best MBA program available! Diverting focus from your business to take on an MBA would be a bad idea. Surround yourself with people that can help you, some of which may have an MBA. An MBA is not a requirement to run a great business. If you are struggling with some aspects of your fast-growing business, other business leaders or business coaches can help guide you through the process.”

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com