Best Practices: Get your point across

Written by ProfitGuide Staff

We all know the importance of communicating effectively, yet we often fall short of that goal. How do you ensure that what you say will be understood and remembered? Respondents to our Best Practices Poll — of whom 75% say they are good communicators — suggest it comes down to a few simple rules of thumb. Their advice included:

  • “The best tip? Enthusiasm!” writes Blehman. “Content without excitement is rarely learned, is often tuned out and always underdelivers. Be a passionate speaker — and a more passionate listener. No one will ever forget you or the conversation.”
  • “A nice, sincere smile that shows that you are happy doing and communicating something that you really believe in,” writes Ivo Jasek. “It’s that simple.”
  • “There are three rules to communication,” writes Knowbase. “Be clear. Be direct. Listen as well as speak.

    “Good communication means that you have had an exchange between yourself and one or more parties, and everyone has understood what the other party presented. You should say exactly what you mean to say. If the house is on fire, say the house is on fire. If you do not want to say something, then don’t. Anything left to interpretation can be interpreted wrong.

    “Communication between people should be like when you order a pizza. You want these three toppings, and you want it delivered in 45 minutes at this address. Communication that is not direct may still provide exactly what you want. But it is more likely you will get a pizza delivered too late, with none of the toppings you like, and may never even get there because the address was wrong.”

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Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com