Balance — you have it in you

Written by ProfitGuide

Conventional thinking says achieving a work/life balance results from a flexible work environment and a higher discretionary income. But a new study by Environics Research Group and Women’s Executive Network suggests most Canadians who report balance in their lives are achieving it on their own initiative and attitude. More than 70% of respondents credit good time management, planning, health or fitness and will-power for helping them achieve balance.

“Canadians who feel they have succeeded in achieving proper balance have taken control of their own destiny,” says Jane Armstrong, Senior VP of Environics. “They are creating this balance for themselves and not depending on help from a spouse or form their employer.”

But that doesn’t mean employers should ignore work-life policies. Nearly half of the 2,500 Canadians polled indicated they have no balance, and of those, 23% cite work-related reasons as the cause. “It’s extremely challenging for people to achieve the right work/life balance in today’s world, says Sylvia Chrominska, Executive VP, Human Relations at Scotiabank. “That’s why savvy organizations work closely with their employees, finding creative solutions to help them balance their time.”

What can employers do? Flexible-work arrangements, job sharing and health and wellness programs can go a long way to easing the everyday stress of working Canadians.

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Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com