Are Your Employees About to Quit?

Don't commit the common blunders that cause star staffers to leave

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Chris Holt (thebolditalic.com) posted this list of 15 indicators that it’s time to quit your job at that hot tech startup. While Holt is talking to employees at tech startups, there are some key takeaways here for business owners. If you pick apart Holt’s list, you’ll find a few warning signs for any business owner that your staff is less than fulfilled.

#3 The job description you were hired for no longer fits what you do

“You were hired at a tech company based on certain skills and experiences that you demonstrated in your resume,” writes Holt. “But since you started, the start-up has shifted its direction, and you’re tasked with new roles and responsibilities.”

The takeaway: Keep your overall strategy for the company focussed, and check in with employees frequently to make sure what they’re doing makes sense.

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#4 You keep hearing “that’s bullshit” in your head during the quarterly company pep talk

“Your CEO is featured in the New York Times, drives a Tesla, and spends his/her vacation time saving orphans, whales, or both,” writes Holt. “Your company is on the map because of this person. But here they are, in hour two of the quarterly pep talk, and you can’t help but think that every single thing they’re saying now is either overly optimistic, misleading, or just plain wrong.”

The takeway: Don’t underestimate your staff. Be straight with them.

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#5 You realize your degree got you here but you’re not using it

“You went to a top-ten university and slaved away to graduate cum laude, and you know you had to climb over a dozen people just to get this job,” writes Holt. “Now that you’re here, though, you realize that all your brainpower is being reduced to attending meetings, answering calls, and responding to e-mails. Part of you is happy that you don’t have to work too hard, but part of you wonders if a trained monkey could do what you do.”

The takeaway: Challenge your employees. Don’t let them feel their skills are being wasted.

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#8 You increase your blog and web comic consumption, and your performance doesn’t suffer

“No one is doing his or her job 100% of the time,” writes Holt. “With the Internet, there are so many ways to procrastinate. But as you get increasingly bored with your gig and find yourself spending more time on social media, catching up on your favorite web comics, or hopping down the Wikipedia rabbit hole, you notice that your work performance hasn’t suffered a wink. Why? No one is paying attention to you.”

The takeaway: Don’t let your staff get away with low productivity. They will end up feeling unfulfilled.

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#11 You Stop Recommending Friends for Positions at the Company

“Early on, you believed in the company, or at least enough to want to cash-in on the recruitment bonus you received for every successful hire that you recommended,” writes Holt. “But lately, you’ve stopped referring people to open positions.”

The Takeaway: Great leaders remember to inspire their staff.

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