Always Better

Like gifted kids stuck in an average classroom, it's easy for great employees to become disengaged. HR pros reveal how to keep them at the top of their game

Written by Frank Condron

Priya Bains


Right Management


High-performing employees generally get that way because they have found ways to overcome limitations. So, when these employees present an idea, they don’t like to hear, “No, that won’t work because it hasn’t worked in the past.” Give them time and resources to develop their ideas and try them out. It will keep them engaged, and their ideas just might work. After all, Roger Bannister didn’t run the first sub-four-minute mile because he accepted the fact that no one had done it before.

Jim Brown


Empower Performance Group

Lethbridge, Alta.

Mary Kay Ash once said there are only two things people want more than money and sex: reward and recognition. High-performing employees should be rewarded with recognition and development opportunities. Most likely, these high-performers also are highly engaged, so make sure you keep them engaged by not diverting attention away from them and onto others. If they see you spending too much time on employees whom they know aren’t motivated, you’ll probably lose them as well.

Julie Ruben Rodney



Thornhill, Ont.

It’s important to let these employees know exactly where they stand by “walking the talk.” Ask high-performers what strategies your organization can implement to support their growth, then provide the resources and support needed to make that happen. Find out what they love to do, and help them achieve their career aspirations by providing them with opportunities to challenge themselves.
Finally, conduct regular checkups to ensure their development goals are being met.

Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com