4 keys to optimum health

Written by Karen Kelly

No matter how busy your business keeps you, you shouldn’t let your health fall to the bottom of your priorities. For one thing, your fitness level correlates to your ability to think straight and work hard. Besides, who will take over if you fall ill?

Busy entrepreneurs often neglect the subtle signs that their body is out of whack, such as lethargy and aches and pains, says Dr. Borys Chambul, a former Olympic discus thrower turned chiropractor who operates a private clinic in Toronto. “If it’s not life-threatening, they often put it off to a mental condition,” he says. Chambul is a big believer of preventing problems before they start.

Ready to jumpstart your health? Here are Chambul’s four tips for achieving total fitness:

  1. Ask yourself how long you want to live. That’s the first question Chambul asks his clients. While it may seem far-fetched, he says that studies show that people who set a goal to reach a certain age often achieve it.
  2. Take your vitamins. While all vitamins and minerals play a role in your health, vitamins C, E and B-complex with folic acid are a good base on which to build, as they are believed to protect cardiovascular health. Men should also watch their zinc levels. “Evidence shows that men who have a deficiency in zinc are prone to prostate problems,” says Chambul. Women should make sure their calcium, magnesium and iron levels are optimal.
  3. Tailor your diet to your needs. Some people do well on high protein diets, some need to pay attention to food intolerance, others need to watch their iron. According to Chambul, no one cap fits all when it comes to nutrition. However, most of us need to consume more vegetables and cut down on the “empty” calories found in junk food. If you want to take nutrition to a whole new level, says Chambul, book a consultation with a nutritionist.
  4. Exercise. If the idea of hitting the gym isn’t always appealing after a hard day at work, Chambul recommends starting slowly, perhaps with a daily half-hour walk. You’ll be surprised by the results.

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