$100 Book Review: The Networking Survival Guide

Written by Charlotte Brotschi

A New Brand World
The Networking Survival Guide: Get the Success You Want by Tapping into the People You Know

By Diane Darling
McGraw-Hill,2003     $23.95

Connections count

Are you striving to grow your business, find your next position or locate a reliable plumber? Your best bet is through networking, but it doesn’t come easy to many. Now there’s help.

The Networking Survival Guide walks you through networking with military precision. There’s information on how to pick the right event, handle all the connections you’re making, how and why to follow up, how to store the information you’re gathering and how to use it.

For instance, the author advises that before attending any event, we should inform ourselves about its main purpose, who the participants will be and how they might profit from anything we can offer them. This preparation allows me to start informed conversations with the people I want to meet. I now make more qualified connections at events, simply because I know something about a few key people. My follow-up is also a lot more organized. I send handwritten notes where warranted and keep my files cross-referenced. It’s the little things that matter.

Charlotte Brotschi
Founder and trade show specialist
Ciel Marketing

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