$100 Book Review: A New Brand World

Written by Craig Ballantyne

A New Brand World
A New Brand World: Eight principles for achieving brand leadership in the 21st century

By Scott Bedbury
Penguin USA, 2002, $35.99

Do you promise?

A New Brand World is a must-read for any executive who is working on building brand loyalty, which is essential in this business age.

Bedbury has headed up the marketing and advertising departments at two giants of brand loyalty: Nike and Starbucks. This book outlines the successes and failures he experienced at both institutions and offers much branding advice and many marketing tips.

Bedbury defines a brand as “a promise to a consumer” and adds that “all the [advertising] money in the world can’t buy trust.” He proceeds to argue that businesses can only establish customer trust by offering “incredible value” and an “experiential quality” with their products. Starbucks, for example, doesn’t just offer you a cup of coffee; it offers an entire positive experience with which to start your day. The lesson: think about how you might empower your product by improving its experiential quality.

This book will make you want even more insight into taking your brand to a higher level.

Craig Ballantyne
Strength Works Inc.

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