$100 Book Review: 29 Leadership secrets from Jack Welch

Written by Andrea Levy

29 Leadership secrets from Jack Welch

29 Leadership secrets from Jack Welch

By Robert Slater
McGraw-Hill Trade, 2002     $15.95

Jack rules

29 Leadership Secrets from Jack Welch is an excellent read, with practical suggestions and examples of how the secrets were put into practice at General Electric. Most of the ideas are transferable to small business; the emphasis is on streamlined, flat structure and employee-centred learning.

Welch suggests that showing employees that they are doing something great for your company, instilling them with confidence and getting out of their way leads to better results than any micromanaged employee could produce. Another key idea is that employees who share your company’s values are to be nurtured, while employees who do not share those values — even if they produce good numbers — should be let go.

Welch also encourages a hands-off management style that allows employees to learn their jobs and manage themselves. (In his words, “Managing less is managing better.”) This approach gives your executives more time to “think big thoughts and be creative,” which can lift your company to the next level.

The book is divided into short chapters that include “Welch Rules”, pieces of management wisdom distilled to 10 words or less, including “Make quality the job of every employee” and “Have global brains and vision.” Full of quotations and explanations, the book sends its message in a succinct and user-friendly way.

Andrea Levy
Chief Marketing Officer
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