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Our new leader-in-residence program offers unique insights and opportunities to connect with a new executive each month

“I used to think that great leaders were smart and tough-as-nails,” says Lisa Kalhans, president and CEO of Amex Bank of Canada. “I still think those qualities are important, but the attribute I’ve relied on the most is actually listening to what’s going on with folks in life and at work.”

In the age of COVID-19, the globalization of competition and ever-increasing automation—plus myriad other challenges—Kalhans is one of many leaders who is embracing change and helping to transform Canada for the better. She’s also among the corporate innovators who’ve been invited to join the new Canadian Business Leadership Circle.

Recently unveiled in advance of Canadian Business’s fall 2021 relaunch, our leader-in-residence program connects readers with a progressive-minded C-suite executive each month. Profiled in April, Kalhans spoke to CB about the importance of empathy and bolstering women in the workforce. The program’s inaugural leader, Geraldine Huse, president of P&G Canada, shared her perspective on how to foster inclusivity in the boardroom.

The strength of Canadian Business is its diverse community of readers—entrepreneurs and execs who are challenging the status quo and working to shape Canada’s economic future. In support of their efforts, CB’s Leadership Circle offers resources and inspiration through exclusive content, virtual fireside chats, a dedicated business trends newsletter and more.

In the upcoming months, you’ll hear from a diverse group of leaders-in-residence from across dynamic fields, including:

• Leena Yousefi, Founder, YLaw
• Allen Lau, Co-Founder & CEO, Wattpad
• Michael Tamblyn, CEO, Rakuten Kobo; and many more.

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