The Feud: Nike vs. Reebok

Nike and Reebok battle it out over Tim Tebow apparel.


The conflict: Reebok’s merchandise contract with the NFL may have ended on March 1, but that didn’t stop it from producing an updated line of New York Jets apparel to cash in on former Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow’s March 28 trade. Nike, who as of April 1 has an exclusive five-year deal with the National Football League, called foul, filed suit and demanded the products be destroyed. Reebok responded that it had permission under its original agreement to make new merchandise for players changing teams in March.

The outcome: On April 3, Nike won a court order blocking Reebok from making, selling and shipping any Jets-specific Tebow merchandise. The order did not include any Broncos merchandise bearing Tebow’s name, provided it was produced before March 1. Reebok has said it will fight the ruling in a further court hearing.