The 10 worst-performing Canadian stocks of 2015

The plummeting price of oil inflicted serious damage on Canada’s energy sector this year

The S&P/TSX Energy Index was the worst performing sector on the S&P/TSX Composite in 2015, sliding 26%. But that doesn’t even begin to capture just how bad a year it was for some energy companies.

Paramount Resources was the worst performer of the year, losing 79.5% of its value. Baytex Energy came a close second, dropping 78.7%. Given how bad a year it was for energy stocks, you’d expect that all 10 of the worst performing stocks would have “energy” in their name. So Bombardier’s presence on this list is a notable exception, due to its unexceptional performance. Shares of the company—which hopes to soon get its long delayed C-series passenger jet into service—lost 68.7% this year. 

Here is a look at some of the other bottom feeders on the S&P/TSX for 2015 (as of December 30):