Infographic: How many Warren Buffetts are there?

Look pretty much anywhere and you'll find someone described as the Warren Buffett of... well, something.

There are certain distinctions reserved only for the best of the best, visionaries who have risen to the top of their fields and established new pinnacles against which their peers are measured. They are the few, the elite…the Warren Buffetts. as the head of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett built his name and his fortune (US$46 billion and counting) on his unique talent for sniffing out undervalued companies. But look pretty much anywhere and you’ll find someone described as the Warren Buffett of…well, something. While some of these Oraclones are a good match for the sage’s value investing model, some are merely very rich. Others appear to have no proven investing savvy at all, suggesting that you too could be a Warren Buffett. all you have to do is change your business card.


(Photos: Dennis van Tine/Newscom; Siddique Davids; Yuriko Nakao/reuters; iStock)