Your Next Big Thing: 5 great sources of business ideas

Written by Kara Aaserud

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1. Wired magazine: The geek/futurist bible is packed with news of innovative concepts, especially from the twin idea factories in its home state of California: Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Its companion website ( offers exclusive stories, newsletters, blogs and podcasts.

2. Dutch trend expert Rainier Evers draws on a global network of 8,000 opportunity spotters to stock his vast database of ideas that are always inspiring, if not commercializable.

3. Statistics Canada: The Economist calls it “the world’s best statistical agency.” At, you can dive into details from the census, 350 active surveys or The Daily e-newsletter on topics as diverse as Canada’s slowing population growth and our skyrocketing blueberry consumption.

4. Iconowatch: This U.S. e-newsletter delivers bite-sized learning on consumer behaviour, including hard data (e.g., 47% of Americans plan to buy Christmas gifts online this year) and unexpected insights (e.g., most bar-goers under 35 try a different drink every visit).

5. Blogger and brand strategist Josh Spear of Boulder, Colo., pounds the global pavement to find truly original products. His visuals-rich site is especially strong on design, gadgets and the impact of technology.

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