Your Next Big Thing: 2010 opportunity guide

Written by Eleanor Beaton, Annette Bourdeau, Andy Holloway, Tony Martin, Jim McElgunn, Ian Portsmouth, Kim Shiffman

It’s been a tough a year for the economy and entrepreneurs, but the recovery has already started. Your Next Big Thing guide explains where businesses owners can find opportunities in 2010. We’ve broken this package down by growth markets and sector reports and we’ve asked experts some pressing questions about Canada’s economic recovery.

Table of contents:

Growth Markets

Your most promising prospects in a recovery that will be different

Big money in green makeovers

Ottawa’s shopping list

Your piece of the stimulus pie

Where to find franchise fortunes

Sector reports


HR services



Oil & Gas Services



Now what? Questions and answers on your economic future

Should I worry about high inflation returning soon?

Do all the job losses over the past year mean the labour shortage is over?

With the U.S. so mired in debt, should I look elsewhere to export?

With interest rates at an all-time low, should I load up on debt?

What lasting impact will the recession have on consumer mindsets?

How is the slump affecting the outlook for selling to business?

How likely is it that Canada will suffer a “double dip” recession?

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