Your Next Big Thing—10th Annual Opportunity Guide

Written by ProfitGuide Staff

Executive Handbook: Hot Growth Markets
Find Your Next Big Thing in these ever rising sectors

Survey says
What business leaders and experts would say to an entrepreneur who asked where there’s a trend or opportunity that offers great business potential

Simple, but Super!
Your Next Big Thing could be easier to conceive than you think. Just pick a few current trends and new technologies, and dream of what would happen if they crossed paths. Before you know it, you have yourself a billion-dollar idea-just like these babies

10 Free ideas from the editors of PROFIT
Wouldn’t it be great if someone came up with?

10 Great possibilities that are still out there
Ideas from the past nine years that have yet to be fully exploited


The easy way up
Before taking that killer idea to market, explore the alternatives to doing it yourself. It could save you money and heartbreak

Will your idea fly?
Eureka! Your new concept looks like a winner. Ask these questions to be sure

10 habits of leading innovators
Firms that succeed through innovation…

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