Your Next Big Thing: 10 habits of leading innovators

Written by Kim Shiffman
  1. Actively solicit feedback on products and processes from employees across all levels of the organization
  2. Have mechanisms in place to encourage employees to share ideas across functions
  3. Encourage creativity and tolerate failure, so employees know they won’t be fired for a bad idea
  4. Reward employee suggestions based on the value of each idea
  5. Survey customers regularly for new product
    suggestions and ways to serve them better
  6. Require senior leaders to be intimately involved
    in shaping innovation strategy, not just reviewing ideas or projects
  7. Commit human and financial resources to innovation, sending a strong signal that it’s a priority
  8. Create mechanisms for sorting and prioritizing ideas to avoid over load and, ultimately, paralysis
  9. Test new ideas rigorously, using a systematic approach
  10. Measure their innovation track record and analyze successes and failures
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