Your Next Big Thing: 10 Great possibilities that are still out there

Written by ProfitGuide
  1. A patient-advocate service to help the ill get the best possible treatment-and save their families time and worry
  2. Clothes for aging boomers that are fashionable without trying too hard to be youthful
  3. A “seniorizing” service that would install devices permitting old people to stay in their own homes
  4. Supplying goods and services to companies rebuilding our rickety infrastructure of bridges, roads and utilities
  5. Ecotourism catering to affluent people 50 and up who are shifting their consumption from goods to experiences
  6. Products such as textbooks, curriculum guides and online assistance for the booming home-schooling market
  7. Financial planning tailored to women, who typically gather more information before investing than men do
  8. Personal services for the middle class, such as concierges, shoppers and in-home chefs
  9. Electronic records to replace hospitals’ primitive paper-based systems
  10. Time-share cottages close to big cities for stressed-out urbanites who can’t afford sole ownership
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