Your Next Big Thing: 10 Free ideas from the editors of PROFIT

Written by ProfitGuide
  1. A turnkey disaster-preparedness kit including a week’s worth of water, ready-to-eat food, batteries and appliances that use alternative power sources
  2. A decline-and-demise service to help seniors arrange their own homecare, nursing home, funeral and estate plans
  3. A grocery-store website that would help you plan tonight’s dinner, prepay for the ingredients online and pick up your order on the way home
  4. A babysitter agency
  5. A mobile, by-appointment medical service that would send a doctor or nurse to your workplace to administer simple procedures such as checkups and vaccinations
  6. An after-hours pet-care service to feed and walk your dog while you’re catching the late show
  7. A crash course on hiring a contractor, best practices, pitfalls to avoid, etc. for homeowners planning to renovate
  8. A “welcome to Canada” kit for newcomers, with a localized primer on jobs, education, etc., plus sponsor coupons
  9. A consumer PC-leasing service for hard-core geeks who constantly need to upgrade their systems or for low-income users who need a basic PC at a low monthly cost
  10. A Remembrance Day poppy that actually stays on
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