Why You Shouldn’t Respond to Angry Tweets

Upset customers are wont to vent on social media. But showing them that you're listening could actually backfire

Written by ProfitGuide Staff
Social_Media_Twitter_Attack-I_Kagan_McLeod-Watercooler_Fall_2015-600x400Illustration: Kagan McLeod

According to a recent study in the journal Marketing Science, responding to complaints on social media actually opens companies up to further criticism from irate customers. It’s a cycle of raised tempers and angry words most brands would do better to avoid.

People vent on Twitter in “the hope of getting the company’s attention,” wrote the researchers. “Once they know the company is paying attention, they are more ready to complain the next time around.”

While intervention does tend to improve customer-brand relationships, the study suggests that most businesses over-estimate the reward of getting involved in social media battles.


Do you agree with the study’s findings? Is it better to avoid angry customers on social media, or to try to address their concerns? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below.

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