What it’s like to work at a stationary bike desk

Pedal desks are, uh, a revolutionary alternative to the treadmill desk and a healthier way to sit—but it’s not for everyone

This article is part of our What We Learned in 2015 series. More to come.

You know you shouldn’t be sitting down right now. People who spend most of their time in chairs face alarmingly higher health risks than those who don’t—a 112% greater chance of developing diabetes, a 147% increased risk of suffering “cardiovascular events” such as strokes, and a 49% higher chance of death from any cause. Luckily for us, 2015 offered a host of new ways to combat “sitting disease,” from treadmill and bike desks to a human-sized hamster wheel contraption developed by a San Francisco design lab. If you’re still sitting down now, you’re missing the point.