Web 2.0 for the non-Web CEO: Start a blog

Written by Kim Shiffman

Why blog? You'll create closer bonds with customers and gain credibility among prospects. Step 1: Visit, one of the most popular and user-friendly blog-publishing sites. Step 2: Create a free account, name your blog and choose its look from a selection of templates. Step 3: Click "Create new post," write your entry and give it a title. Hit the "Add image" photo icon to include a photo. Click "Publish post." Step 4: Syndicate your blog through an "RSS feed," which will let people subscribe to your blog and automatically be notified of new postings. On Blogger, activate its syndication format "Atom" to send your blog to all the major syndicators. Tip: To embed a video in your post, find a video on YouTube and look beside or below it for a window labelled "Embed." Copy the code and paste it into your blog posting. "Tag" or "label" each posting by entering keywords about it to make the posting easier to find for blog search engines such as Technorati.

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