Web 2.0 for the non-Web CEO: Create a podcast

Written by Kim Shiffman

Why podcast? Your online "radio show" offers clients relevant and timely information in a format more dynamic than any newsletter, and can be consumed on the fly. Step 1: Attach a microphone to your computer. Download free audio software such as Audacity, which is extremely intuitive. (Once you press "record," you see a visual display of your voice, so you know it's working.) Save the file on your computer as an MP3. Step 2: Send the file to your webmaster, who will upload it to your server and, if you like, create a podcast page on your website. And submit it to iTunes by visiting its Podcast section, clicking on the "Submit a Podcast" link and following the instructions. Tip: Reach far more listeners by syndicating your podcast to an RSS feed. Even experienced podcasters find this step tricky, so use an inexpensive service to do it for you, such as Libsyn, which costs about US$20 a month.

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