Want to Reach Adults? Start Instagramming

It may be time to turn your attention to a different social media site

Written by Mira Shenker

New data from the Pew Research Center shows, unsurprisingly, that the average Pinterest user is older than users on most other social media sites. Given that the site exists for people who want to look at aspirational images of beautiful clothing and food, it makes sense that it’s not drawing as many teens as it is adults.

More surprising is the news that, at least according to this study, more adults than teens are using photo-sharing app Instagram. The study defined “teens” as 13-18 (check out the infographic below, created by NextAdvisor). Instagram can reach fans in many of the same ways as Twitter and Facebook–in some ways, more, because you’re letting people into your world by showing them photos of your every day. For a business, that could mean your production process, or your staff or even events you’re attending.

So, where are the teens? Despite the pervasive notion that teens don’t use Facebook now that their parents are on the site, 94% of the teens Pew surveyed are using Facebook (compared to the 26% who said they use Twitter). Instagram allows your brand to rack up fans, just as Facebook does. People can comment on your posts and like them, just like on Facebook. The difference–according to this study–is that you’ll be engaging with a potentially more desirable demographic.

Source: with data from Pew

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