Want to build a killer digital marketing campaign? Try these four simple tools

From managing a newsletter to identifying influencers, these applications make it easy to promote a brand

The Frictionless Office

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Building a promotional campaign is a daunting task for any entrepreneur. It once required the assistance of copy writers, graphic artists, direct marketing agencies and other consultants. Thankfully, there’s now plenty of software available to help business owners with newsletters, social media campaigns and more. It’s possible to get strong results with just a couple of tools. Here are some of the best options available:

Mail Chimp
Mail Chimp is an email marketing tool with a cult following, thanks to its sponsorship of the popular NPR podcast Serial. But it’s seven million users love it for its easy-to-use interface and ability to interact with other software. MailChimp lets you send and track emails, manage subscriptions, view analytics and create email templates.

This software helps identify, organize, and manage followers on Twitter and Instagram. It will sort your followers based on their profile, engagement, and how many people pay attention to them on social media. All of this data is useful when plotting targeted campaigns.

This is great starting point for an entrepreneur who wants to learn about SEO on their own, given its ample educational resources.
The software helps boost your business’ SEO visibility, offering tracking tools along with applications to help with link building and brand marketing. Moz also uses those same analysis tools to gather intelligence on your competitors.

This software helps generate more leads for a business by tracking visits to its website visits, email opens and even phone calls. It also quantifies the strength of leads to help determine which ones need the most nurturing. Another unique feature is the ability to execute text message marketing campaigns. In the peak-app era, this feature can give you a head start on the new way that customers want to receive information.