Video: Our editors put the taste of Luvo’s frozen food to the test

Luvo is trying to take the frozen dinner upscale for modern busy families. But how does it taste?

In our feature on former Lululemon CEO Christine Day’s plans for frozen-food maker Luvo, Michael McCullough writes about how the company compares to existing offerings in the frozen food aisle:

Luvo’s healthy frozen meals are about as far as you can get from the Hungry-Man dinners typically collecting frost in the freezer aisle. Rather than salty Salisbury steaks, Luvo’s lineup includes burritos filled with chicken poblano verde or organic roasted eggplant and quinoa, pizzas topped with ricotta and apricot glaze, and entrees like red wine braised beef with polenta (All sell for between $4 and $8). Each contains fewer than 500 calories and 500 milligrams of sodium, along with antibiotic-free meat and foodie-friendly ingredients such as flaxseed-and-coriander flatbreads produced in Modena, Italy.

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Given Luvo’s grand ambitions and the claims being made on its behalf, we just had to try it for ourselves. In this video, deputy editor David Fielding and executive editor Carol Toller put Luvo’s frozen food to the test, along with Meal in a Jar, a Kitchener, Ontario company offering a different take on convenience foods. Both involve minimal prep time, but the real question, as always, is how does it taste? Play the video to find out what Dave and Carol think.