VIDEO// Life of a Young Entrepreneur

Jean-Philippe Béique is one of the youngest PROFIT 500 CEOs. How he went up against bigger industry players and what his staff thinks of his success

Written by Mira Shenker

Jean-Philippe Béique of Electronic Box Inc. won the Young Entrepreneur Award for achieving the highest five-year revenue growth of a CEO under the age of 30. He co-founded Longueuil, Quebec-based internet service provider Electronic Box in 1997 at the age of 13. And he’s still young, just 28.

In its earlier years, Electronic Box was a modest success as a reseller of internet service in Quebec and Ontario. But after the business vertically integrated in recent years, it took off. The synergies and efficiencies of vertical integration have allowed the company to offer lower prices to consumers, and consumers have responded in a big way.

We sat down with Béique at the PROFIT 500 CEO Summit and asked him about going up against bigger companies, taking risks and making his employees proud. Watch the full video below.

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