Tony Davis

Written by Jenny Kay
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Brightspark Group

Claim to Fame
Inventing and creating the WinFax PRO communication system

South Africa

Currently residing in
Toronto, ON

Tony Davis has been at the forefront of leading-edge technology for the past 18 years, a time spent developing a strong track record of identifying pioneering technologies and quickly building viable companies around them.

In 1990, Tony saw a way to bring new flexibility to faxes with the integration of personal computing technology. The resulting creation was WinFax, one of the world’s first PC fax systems and the flagship product of Delrina, one of Canada’s earliest Internet success stories. WinFax has since been established as the standard in fax software, now shipping over 100 million copies worldwide each year.

In 1996, he saw the potential of “push technology” and established Lanacom, a Toronto-based Internet company which he served as president and CEO. Push technology delivered a new way of distributing information and programs to the desktop, and in the coming years would become one of the most talked-about technology trends. For this reason, BackWeb Technologies acquired Lanacom in 1997.

Continuing to innovate, Tony co-founded Delano Technology in 1988 to bring to market the industry’s first e-mail application server. Over the course of his tenure he oversaw the company’s first product rollout, and its successful IPO on the NASDAQ in less than two years. Today, Tony focuses on providing fellow entrepreneurs with the opportunity to learn from his experiences in how to thrive in new and developing markets. He is a Managing Partner of Brightspark, an Internet incubator he co-founded 1999 with Delrina co-founder Mark Skapinker. One of Canada’s first tech incubators, Brightspark aims to build, mentor and launch globally recognized software companies.

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